Cleansing Treatment

The Helia-D Spice Series is recommended for oily skin prone to inflammation. The Helia-D Spice Series is highly effective in reducing inflammation and helps the healing process of unclean skin. With the Spice Series you can effectively avoid the aesthetical and health problems created by oily skin.

The first step is cleansing of the skin. Black Soap is a multipurpose, deep cleansing, skin care soap. Regulates functioning of sebaceous glands, with anti-inflammatory, kerato-plastic, antiseptic, vasoconstrictor, soothing, pore tightening and wound healing effect. It gently removes dead keratin cells from the skin and makes it silky smooth to the touch. This is followed with a light exfoliation– a step that prepares the skin for product penetration.

When extractions are being performed, steam might also be used. Soothing Herbal Serum is applied next for calming and soothing. This serum, which is rich in herbs, has a complex effect. It effectively regenerates, soothes and reduces inflammation. It calms inflamed and irritated skin. The serum is suitable for ultrasound treatments and recommended for other treatments with cosmetic instruments. This is followed by a massage and the application of Anti-Inflammatory Gel with Ichtyol. This gel provides important nutrients that regenerate the skin. It helps to treat seborrhoea, acne, sensitive skin and skin prone to inflammation. Ichtyol has vasoconstricting, antiseptic, pain and itch reliving properties. The active herbal complex helps the treatment of inflamed skin. It tightens the pores, soothes the skin. It quickly and effectively helps tiny sores after the cleansing.

Followed by the application of Hévíz Relaxing Re-building Mask. The mask contains mud from Héviz that is unique in the whole world, it’s a mixture of volcanic mud and moor mud. Due to its high humic acid content it has a naturally regenerating, firming and detoxicating effect. It’s excellent for deep cleansing, it nearly “sucks out” any contamination from the depth of the pores. It has an anti-septic and cell activity aiding effect. It’s a great anti-inflammatory and pore-tightening product after cleansing. This product contains Lady’s Thistle extract that moisturises and increases the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

After removing it your therapist will apply a Matte Day Cream. A UV protection cream, which absorbs quickly to ensure a healthy, matte skin colour. The pure antibacterial salicylic acid and willow bark extract enhance the activity of skin cells without drying the skin. Modified corn starch helps to eliminate shiny oily skin. It reduces the function of the sebaceous gland and has a healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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