Express Refreshing Treatments

Express Refreshing Treatments

Express facials are popular with busy people who want to freshen up their skin in some minutes. These treatments take 30 minutes long and cost about half the price of full-length treatments. Depending on the aim of the client our express facials include cleansing, exfoliation, application of serums and moisturisers.  The benefits of the Express Refreshing Treatments:

  • Relieve tension                           Increase blood circulation                    Prevent fine lines                       Hydrate the skin
  • Moisturise the skin                   Time saver                                                Cost saver

Express Firming and Lifting Treatment
The Sunflower-Orange series provides fundamental assistance in long lasting hydration, regeneration and firming of the skin. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the combination of the active ingredients patented by Helia-D, the sunflower-stalk extract and the newest plant based active ingredients (e.g. Zirhafirm).

Express Deep-Moisturising Treatment
The Helia-D Wine Therapy Series includes the most important ingredient of the Tokaji Aszú wines, the tokaji aszú grains, besides the Tokaji aszú and essence. Tokaji essence mainly contains sugars, amino acids and vitamins. Tokaji aszú and the essence increase the hydrating effect of the cosmetics. These traditional ingredients increase the moisturising effect of the product, they have a positive effect on the metabolism of the skin, improve blood flow, nourish the skin, improve the skin tone, have a disinfectant effect and reinforce the epidermis.

Express Vitalising and Energising Treatment
Pándy Sour Cherry series is a real Hungarian speciality. Thanks to its Sour Cherry and Sea collagen content it has all features necessary for beautiful skin. Due to its high acid content, sour cherry is excellent for the treatment of seborrhoea skin. Due to its carbohydrate content it has a good moisturising and anti-wrinkle effect, suitable for dehydrated skin. Due to its Vitamin A, B, C, E and P content it’s a real vitamin burst for the skin, increasing its vitality. Sea collagen is rich in proteins and polysaccharides that are naturally found in the connective tissue. Effectively improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, thus retaining its youth. Matrixyl 3000 delays the appearance of the first wrinkles, and has a strong preventative effect.

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