Swedish massage is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities one could ever experience. It is both physically and mentally relaxing. Swedish massage is rooted in Western practices of anatomy and physiology. To perform this type of massage, licensed therapists apply an arsenal of pressure styles that include stroking, kneading, striking, rubbing, and vibrations. Using massage oil to help their strokes glide, they focus the pressure along the muscles that run the length of the body. Stresses, strains and tension of everyday living are relieved, which leaves us feeling good and at the same time increases our energy levels.
The pressure from Swedish massage is ideal for relieving muscle tension, like the kind that builds up from hunching over a computer all day. This tension can sometimes result in knots: trigger points of extremely tense muscle fibres that form tiny nodules. Swedish-massage techniques are ideal for gently coaxing them away. The massage treatment manipulates the soft tissue and muscles of the body, which then stimulates the blood, lymph, muscles and the nerves. Massage can have either a stimulating or relaxing effect, depending on what technique used and how it is applied. Therapists commonly offer 30-minute, 60-minute versions. A longer massage, though, gives the therapist more time to work on each muscle group or to focus on a particularly tense area.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Overall relaxation
    The massage addresses the major muscle groups and helps to reduce muscle tension, increase muscle strength, prevent muscle fatigue, and relieve stiffness, cramps and muscle spasms.
  • Stimulates Circulation of Blood
    Swedish massage has been shown to increase the oxygen level in the blood, reducing muscle toxins, clearing up swelling or oedema in the limbs, and stimulating the blood circulation. The better the blood flows through the vessels, the more effective the body functions.
  • Better skin tone
    The massage can even help to keep the surface of your skin soft and smooth and prevent premature aging.
  • Better mental health
    It can prevent irritation, fight stress, relieve anxiety and help you cope with depression. Moreover, Swedish massage can improve the quality of sleep and ward off insomnia. This type of massage is also a good option for people who suffer from chronic fatigue. The massage boosts the serotonin level, improving your mood and making you feel a bit happier.
  • Stronger immune system
    Strengthen your immune system by getting Swedish massage on a regular basis. It helps to stimulate the body’s natural resistance to infection, reduce your stress levels, and boost your ability to concentrate.
  • Relieves Pain
    One of the major health benefits of Swedish body massage therapy is that it is great for reducing both physical and emotional pain while soothing the body and soul completely. Swedish body massage therapy is such that it can target an entire body part such as the legs or a specific area such as the joints of the ankle which might be paining immensely. Chronic pain in any part of the body can also be relieved with the help of a Swedish body massage.
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