Treatment for Sensitive Skin

While sensitive skin can appear anywhere on the body, it is at its most obvious on the face. It occurs when skin’s natural barrier function is compromised, causing water loss and allowing penetration of irritants. Symptoms are exacerbated by factors that facial skin is most exposed to, from the sun to some ingredients in cosmetics and cleansers.

The symptoms of sensitive skin:

  • Blotchy, pink/red skin patches
  • Itchy skin
  • Broken veins on the nose and cheeks
  • In direct heat or sunlight, your skin may feel tight, turn red or sting
  • Dry, flaky, tight or sore skin

Helia-D Spice Series for Sensitive Skin is recommended for sensitive, prone to reddening, rosacea skin. Immediately provides comfort and reduces the irritation of the skin. The Horse Chestnut extract improves the general functions of the skin, helps the oxygenation of the cells and strengthens vein walls. Aloe Vera is a real-life beauty elixir with a balancing and excellent skin calming effect.

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